Accreditation & Certifications for Hospitals

NABH Entry Level / QCI

It is one of the highest benchmarks for hospital quality in India. There are mainly two kinds of standards, one being full NABH Suitable for large Speciality and Tertiary care level. We as help our clients in making their service better and securing them with the highest Accreditation and Certification for Hospitals.

NABH Full Accreditation

We will help you in securing the NABH full Accreditation by assisting you in the process of Submission of Application, Reviewing of application, Pre-Assessment, Final- Assessment and Reassessment and Surveillance. We have dedicated team members who will assist you in getting the full NABH Accreditation.

NABH Re-assessment

With us you can trust on fulfilling the NABH Re-Assessment procedure with ease we have team of experienced experts who can help you in securing the Re-assessment done in no time. We assure quality service for all our clients.

ISO Certification.

ISO certification is a seal of approval from a third-party body that a company runs to one of the international standards developed and published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This is a certificate that every organisation wants to achieve and we work hard towards making the processes easier and less time consuming for our clients.

Nursing Excellence.

In the Health industry Nursing plays an vital role we understand the need and requirement of our clients and make sure they get the best Staff training services in the market and provide them with excellent nursing solutions.

NICU & Emergency Excellence.

We provide top notch NICU facilities to our clients, since they are very important for the baby’s suffering with critical conditions. The infrastructure is excellent and staff in the NICU are extremely skilled, and they can handle the critical cases. For us our clients are our priority and we make sure to provide them with the best services.

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    GIPSA is India’s first Standalone Health Insurance provider, GIPSA and Allied Insurance Co Ltd is providing sterling services in Health, Personal Accident and Overseas Travel Insurance etc. Our efforts have always been on service excellence and product innovation with a focus on delivering the best to our customers.

    We are among the top consultants who can help you in securing the GIPSA Enplanement, we assist in the all the following steps.

    • Fill application form available at GIPSA insurance website
    • Upload the required empanelment documents
    • Respond to the clarification emails from GIPSA insurance
    • Get the hospital inspection done (if mandated)
    • Get final empanelment confirmation from GIPSA insurance

    CGHS Empanelment

    CGHS Empanelment Scheme of 2017 enables the hospitals, exclusive Eye hospitals / Centres, exclusive Dental Clinics, Cancer Hospitals/units, diagnostic laboratories and imaging centres accredited by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Health Care providers (NABH). We hold team of experts who can assist you with enabling you under this scheme successfully.

    ECHS Empanelment

    Empanelment of hospitals with ECHS is a continuous process wherein applications for empanelment are processed as and when received. We help our clients in securing and becoming an Empanelled Hospital.

    TPA Empanelment

    With us you will get expert assistance in becoming TPA empanelled. As first step towards provider network development process, HI TPA requires information regarding respective hospital’s facilities, infrastructure and other relevant details as per Empanelment Form, copy attached. Interested providers may fill in the form and mail the same along with necessary Annexures. Our team of experts guide you through the process for a trouble-free experience.

    Corporates Tie-up.

    We are known for providing customised and exceptional assistance for Corporate Tie-ups. We have team of industry experts who are highly experienced in working in the Corporate Domaine and providing best assistance in establishing Corporate Tie-Ups.

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      Human Resource Services

      Employee Documentation

      Any organisation big or small runs and succeeds due to its employees. Documentations are one of the most vital aspect in the Human Resource domain. We are an experienced consultancy providing assistance for Employee Documentation.


      Every organisation and individual works for money and Payroll is among those critical aspect that has to be decided and executed with nothing less than perfection we provide assistance on deciding and performing payroll activities.

      PF ESI Compliance

      Organisation provide an additional benefit to employees, which include Provident Fund (PF) and Employee State Insurance (ESI). These components are contributed by the employer as well as the employee in the required percentage. These includes a lot of extended documentation work and needs proper professional assistance. We assist with documentation a and drafting assistance for the same.

      Labour Law Compliance

      Drafting the agreements of labour law needs technical knowledge and Judicial experience. We have team of lawyers and corporate experts who are well trained and are experts in providing and creating authentic Legal documents for their employees.

      Training & Development

      We as a consultancy not only provide HR solutions but also provide Training and development for better employee management and service.

      HR Policies

      We help our clients in drafting accurate and authentic HR Policies we have onboard a team of experienced HR professionals who can assist in drafting the perfect corporate policies for our clients.

      Internal HR Audits HR Budgeting

      The role of HR Department and HR professionals is diverse and has various internal and external policies that decides it performance HR audits and HR Budgeting are some of those important aspects.

      Strategic Planning & Implementation.

      Organisation work properly only when they have proper Planning, Strategy and its proper implementation. We as service providers help you in planning, creating and implementing proper strategies. Through this the organizations can work and perform effectively.

      Employee Verification & Reference Check

      As an established organization you cannot go wrong with the employees in your company you need to have proper verification and reference check this becomes a tedious task at times and here we come in the picture to provide you the best service that can help you in analysing your employees background.

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        Recruitment Services

        Providing Manpower as per Requirement Like

        Work efficiency defines the success of any organization and it is a very critical task to find a manpower where it is not only quantity but also renders quality. We are a consultancy providing corporate solutions to may organizations at a large scale. We help in analysing the correct manpower for your organization and assist till the final recruitment process

        Nursing & Clinicians

        Hospitals and health care sector are the once that needs the best Nursing and Clinical solutions. It is important for the Healthcare industry to maintain highest order and best professional for rendering services, we as a multifunctional consultancy provide the best solution in Nursing and Clinicians.

        Paramedical & General Staff Etc.

        Paramedical and Staffs are the most in demand requirement of the health care sector. It is the services of hospitals that decides the success for them. Hence, we understand this need of our clients and try to assist them with the best solution for their Paramedical and Staff requirements.

        Shop Establishment (Fresh & Renewal)

        Start-ups are the most difficult establishment as it needs setup of everything from the scratch. We are a global service provider for all who wish to start a fresh or Renew their Shop Establishment. With us you can establish your shop in no time.

        Clinical Establishment

        We as a service providers give best assistance on Clinical Establishment to our clients, with years of experience in this Domaine we help our clients to establish setups with less effort and technical ease.

        Pollution Control Registration

        The Pollution Control Registration is a lengthy process and requires both technical and basic understanding of the process, we help our clients to fulfil this registration with ease. We help in Submitting the Application, Plan for pollution control, the NOC fulfilment and submitting the final application online.

        Biomedical Waste Registration

        The process of Biomedical Waste Registration evolves a long list of documents and factors that decides the final approval, we help our clients in fulfilling all these requirements and finally submitting the appropriate application that result in confirm approval. We assist our clients in providing the Letter of Requisition, Raw material details, Product Details, Manufacturing process, Site Plan, Location Plan etc.

        AERB Registration

        We will assist you in Registering AERB for your we will help you to Register Your Institute, Registration of Indigenous Dental X-ray Equipment, Applying for Dental X-ray Procurement, Applying for Registration of Imported Dental X-ray Equipment for obtaining licence with us you can fulfil your process with ease.

        Rohini Registration

        It is one of the most important Registration required for Hospital and the Health Care sector ROHINI (Registry of Hospitals in Network of Insurance) is a registry of unique hospitals in the Health Insurers and Third-Party Administrators (TPAs) network, in India. W help our clients in fulfilling the Registration we effectively.

        NOC For Lifts, Generators, Fire

        High-rise buildings having a height of more than 15 meters or multi-story buildings are required to obtain Fire NOC from Fire Service Department of their state. We provide full assistance to secure this registration and help in performing this registration process.

        Fire Audit Report.

        We are happy to introduce our services in assisting you to effectively submit your Fire Audit Report. We have dedicate team of experts who help you in registering your services.

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